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Pedicure Chairs. What Most Important?

Pedicure chairs are principally any kind of seating designed particularly to make the task of implementing a Pedicure easier. By today’s standards though, this means being much more than just an traditional chair. It is ordinarily a fully functional Pedicure station. Although usually out of the realm for the average home user, now a variety of chairs, priced in the hundreds, are type of reasonable for the home. There are some elements that you need to concern before buying though.

 Pedicure Sink features

Picture2 200x300 - Good tips for salon with pedicure spaDepending on the price paid, these chairs can surely be a one-stop Pedicure station. Lots of chairs come with a Pedicure sink or foot basin attached to accomplish the foot soak step of the pedicure. Some often have foot rests to place the feet after the soak so the pedicure can keep on without the person receiving the pedicure having to move. A few, in addition to the attached foot break by the Pedicure sink, even come with additional foot rests, technician stools and storage compartments included in the deal.

Although not mandatory, pedicure sink can combine with the latest in jet flows to give that and air bubble jets whirlpool effect. Jet flows propel water at a strong speed to help give a massaging effect. Air bubble jets support keep water circulating and also help produce a comfortable feeling through the movement of air through the water. Removing water can be so soothing!


Plumbing or no pluming Pedicure chairs

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A quantity of pedicure chairs are no plumbed or require no plumbing installation but most that come with a foot basin or Pedicure sink attached will suggest some type of plumbing so that provide hot and cold water to the unit.

Non-plumbed chairs, as you can imagine, are easiest to set up and are oftentimes portable. Water would have to be carried to the unit though whereas a plumbed Pedicure chair would be filled much like a normal sink or bathtub. Plumbed chairs still are relatively easy to connect and would hook up much like a washer or vanity sink in your home.

Plumbed parts are drained very related to conventional sinks and bathtubs as well and are usually put in with either a floor or wall drain. If neither a floor or wall drain would be possible, a discharge pump would ordinarily be the option supplied by the vendorto drain the water.

Discharge pumps are ideal if water must be drained a big distance or uphill. Research where you will be installing as you may be able to get a price break for not needing a discharge pump, hence saving you some money. Let the vendor know if you won’t be need one.

With any system you use, municipal water will most likely always have various level of bacteria in it but once you disinfect regularly the bacteria won’t make to dangerously high stages.

So before purchasing keep in mind a number of chairs look forward plumbing installation as well, this would want floors and maybe walls to be ripped up and plumbing installed. Contain this expense into the price of a plumbed chair as it will be needed.

Piped (Standard jets) or Non-piped (or Pipeless Jets)

A lot of chairs also come with pipeless jets meaning the jets themselves are not furnished water via an internal piping or hose system. This creates to keep bacteria down as the more inaccessible crevices and passageways.

Standard jets are supplied water via a sometimes convoluted matrix of pipes and hoses therefore increasing the possibilities of bacteria developed in the inner workings. This in turn rises the danger of infection when using chairs that have standard jets.

Internal piping or hoses, hiding deep within the organization of a Pedicure chair will be very difficult to clean. The only method to clean there would be no way of verifying that all traces of bacteria have been moved. A range of pipeless or non-piped jets and structures can help limit the number of places prone to becoming bacterial breeding grounds.

Pipeless jets and their furnishing systems are thus easier to clean and disinfect. The jets themselves are easily removable usually with just a twist and the passageways providing them are open and easily accessible.

Noise element

Although jet streams and air bubble jets can be very soothing, they can produce a  product as well. These same characteristics can cause undesirable and annoying noise. Pipeless systems will use most likely, open impellers which produce less noise. Air bubble jets almost certainly create the most noise though.

Be choice about this factor as it can annoy clients if you are buying for a salon or home. Always  require about the noise factor before purchasing. Most vendors suggest that pipeless systems can be twice as quiet as piped structures and up to four times as fairly as air bubble jet structures.


These chairs often support to mimic professional human techniques from shiatsu massage,  such as compression, kneading, percussion (tapping of the muscles) and rolling. Manufacturers do this by including massage features as in rollers and discs, which can help very human, all body along with vibrators in the seat and back location to give sort of a completed body massage while people receiving the pedicure soaks away.

Moreover, many devices also include foot massage mechanisms within the foot sinks.

These can make feel comfortable the feet while soaking. To aid in the massage, many components also come with heating elements to heat the water. Heated water is preferred for soaking to support in softening the feet and in soothing the muscles. In a plenty of chairs the seats are also heated to create to the comfort.

The massaging aspects can help customers get relief from muscle aches, joint problems, arthritis, swollen ankles and other issues.


Lots of systems have the ability to be operated via a remote control power so the person receiving the pedicure can have full control over the experience without having to bend for restricts or the pedicurist can limit the action even when not physically there.

On many systems the arms either swing up or out or the seat portion can swivel to allow for easy entry. A little patrons may not be as mobile as others such as the injured, overweight persons or the elderly, hence this is a really useful equipment.

Be understanding also if the chair has a step up to access it. Again, some people are not as mobile as others and if many handicapped, elderly or oversized people will be using the chair this is definitely a problem that must be taken into thinking. Steps over a few inches may demonstrate to be insurmountable for most people!

Some plus sized people may also have issue fitting into some pedicure chairs so be certain to look into the dimensions supplied by the vendor and ask for them if they are not readily available. Contrast these measurements with your own and the measurements of plus sized people that may use the chair. Pedicure chairs where both arms (or both sides) are capable of being swung outward (and upwards totally) are better for plus sized individuals. 


Many chairs need not even be bolted down once the floor is level and non-slippery. The owner’s manual will give more information on these factors. When setting, always find the services of a licensed plumber if the Pedicure chairs needs to be plumbed and a licensed electrician if the chair need more than just an available outlet for electrical power. Utilizing these two professionals will ensure that you maintain your guarantee. These professionals will also know the local plumbing and electrical codes to follow to. Ask the vendor as well, what other stages you need to take to comply with warranty instructions.

Vital factors

Be very ensure to ask how easy it is to clean them! Pedicure infections can easily be transmitted via parts that circulate water. Bacteria that can cause pedicure infections can be introduced naturally through the water supply, but it is when the systems and screens of the device are not properly drained and cleaned that the bacteria creates to high levels resulting in pedicure infections. Pipeless Pedicure chairs will be easier to clean but still ask for the guidebook of cleaning and disinfection of any element you may research buying.

Whichever style or make of Pedicure chair you choose though, and no matter how clean the vendor claims they run, always be certain to properly disinfect the part yourself with an EPA registered viricide, bactericide and fungicide!

Also, make sure that whatever disinfectant you use, that it is “whirlpool friendly” meaning ability of being used to clean devices with jets and whirlpools. Remember to be safe and disinfect before and after usage, please remember to ask how to clean the tool you need buy.

Furthermore look around at other salons and see the brand names they use and ask about the

durability and functionality of their chairs. Ask everyone in the know as well, like salon owners, nail techs and employees of big beauty/salon supply stores that deal with a big items such as Pedicure chairs.

Pedicure chairs will feature a host of other functions that vary greatly from manufacturer but the major ones we have contained here. Remember to keep the essential factors foremost though, safety, health, comfort and quality and you should be truly in choice the right model for your salon, spa or home!

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